feeling depressed

22 May

Cheena Eagle Graham
Wednesday, 21 May 2014 at 23:47 ·
After spending a few hrs today on this computer, catching up with the politics and scandals of the hour/day/week – I’m almost at the point, again, of shutting it down for a while. Can’t really describe how horrible the feelings i get are, right in the pit of my stomach, when i read about this phony fucking govt and all the chaos they are causing. It seems never-ending, and is really hard to take. Just when i figure it can’t possibly get any worse, it does!!
Just after rushing thru the ‪#‎UnfairElectionAct‬ – now, in the middle of the nite (last night) the fuckers crept onto Frank Meyer’s farm and barricaded the roads onto it with bins, concrete barriers, etc. There is a pic on his page – ‘Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers Farm’. Now, those Meyers people – geez, they’re only in their mid-80’s eh? How fair is that?? 2 very senior citizens, whose land was deeded to his ancestors, forever, by the King of England, and this motherfucker comes along and scoops it out from under him!!! Can someone explain to me how sick of a prick ‪#‎Harper‬ has to be to pull this kind of shit??
And trying to sully the name of the ‪#‎ChiefJustice‬? Now, changing the citizenship act so that ‘some’ Canadians will now be ‘2nd-class’, and deport-able? WTF is it with this maniac!! And why can’t everyone see that he’s fucking wacko?? He’s a nutcase, plain and simple – how can any of those bobbleheads of his still stick with him?? Are they so stupid they can’t see that he’s an absolute fucking psycho??
Sigh – OK, that’s my rant for the night –


2 Responses to “feeling depressed”

  1. N Benwell May 29, 2014 at 6:38 pm #

    Hey, I am all about ranting against the Conservative Government but this Meyers Farm story is not all that it is being portrayed as. These are my thoughts on the matter:
    1. Lucky them that another government was meddling in land allocations and gave them the land in the first place. They were not complaining then were they?!
    2. Not all the land is historical. I’m pretty sure Frank Meyer bought up a lot of it at low cost from others.
    3. Hello? They SOLD it! For 3.3 Million dollars. He gets to keep the homestead plus 60 acres. Sorry if he changed his mind. In law he is the trespasser here.
    4. This farm is not feeding Canadians. I get that farmers are important but this is a hobby farm with some soy bean production.
    5. The proposed expansion will bring 800 army personnel with $100 000 a year salaries into the area (boom for local businesses) PLUS many new jobs for locals will be created. I think the number being bantered around is 700-750. That is HUGE for this depressed area.
    6. Team Frank Meyer has been very misleading with the media and with the protestor movement. They have also painted the neighbours in an unfavourable light as “sell-outs” just because they made a different choice for themselves. Not cool.
    7. Point to ponder: Why do the Meyers have litle to no local support? Maybe a lot of the protestors are just pushing their own political agenda and maybe people are sick of this already.

    • cheena1 April 10, 2015 at 8:55 pm #

      Yeah well, this is now so old doesn’t seem much point in pursuing it. You sound quite disgruntled – for whatever reasons. It appears the Meyers are/were hardworking people, I don’t know why it would bother you that they made some $. From what I understand, the land had been in their family for generations – and being up in years myself, I can certainly understand how it would seem that part of the family history would be lost.

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